Human Solutions Consulting and Training

Welcome to Human Solutions Consulting and Training! We are a group of bilingual/bicultural and diverse consultants who are skilled, passionate, and ready to give you, your organization or your business the support you deserve. We believe in unlimited possibilities and the success of your organization!

Human Solutions is organized by Lea Arellano:


Lea E. Arellano

Human Solutions Consulting
and Training
2400 MacArthur Blvd. #312
Oakland, CA 94602
Home Office: (510) 530-8159
Cell Phone: (510) 410-6353

Cultural and Organizational Consultant/Coach/Trainer
in the Nonprofit and Private Sectors

Letter to potential clients:

Dear Gente (People),
I am an experienced, bilingual, consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach/counselor. I work with community based organizations, and progressive green businesses, individuals, couples, families to optimize success. I bring inspiration, and help to motivate and bring out the best in your staff, team, partners and families! I am currently seeking the following assignments:
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My new book
PACKED with tools!

Experiential Activities for a Better World

(395 pages)
By: Marilyn Levin
with Lea Arellano


Experiential Activities for a Better World
(395 pages) delivers the information and inspiration you need to become a catalyst for personal and global transformation. It provides insights, methods, perspectives, tools and over 100 activities for facilitators, teachers, counselors, trainers, and group
leaders – anyone who would like to transform injustice and inspire hope and healing in themselves and others.
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